Monday, March 9, 2009

Grandpa's Brithday!

For My grandfathers birthday this year, my mother, my sisters, my grandmother, myself and the babies went to take a family portrait. My Grandfather is the kind of person who never wants anyone to spend money on him, and even when we want to its impossible (you know- what do you get the guy who has everything?) So this year when we were trying to decide what to get him we realized that the most important thing to him and my grandmother is their family. So we got everyone together and went to picture people. (To any of you who have never been... They are amazing!) My Grandfather was so happy when he saw the pictures!

Bella and my sister Kim ( who is encouraging Bella to be naughty)

My Grandparents!
Grandpa checking out the pictures
Bella and Gabe sneaking bites


JR and Summer said...

I think your Daughter is so cute! I was so excited to run into you guys at Sams the other day! We should get together sometime.