Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nana Silvestre's Gift

Bella got her play kitchen from my parents, and Armando's parents got Bella a beautiful white wood table and chair set from toys r us. It is great for coloring and playdoh(thanks Taryn) and all of her pretend meals that she makes with her kitchen. The first night we had it set up Bella called her Nana to her room so that she could show her the new table. So as Armando's mother and I were talking Bella was hard at work making a fabulous meal. Then She set two place settings (all by herself), and pulled out one of the chairs and said," Nana Sit! Nana eat!" So they sat down and had a little meal together at her new table! So Adorable... ( I didn't get any pictures of that night because Nana was in her Pj's and I don't think she'd want pictures of that online, but here's the table)


Taryn Torres said...

You know you love the playdoh!