Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fun at the Park

I took Bella to the park and met our good friend Taryn and her little boy Seth there. It was soooo hot that day, but we thought that the kids would enjoy getting out. So we made the kids pb&j and went to the park. By the time we tried to force the kids to eat, and let them run around for 10 minutes, we realized (by the pink on our kids cheeks) that it was just too hot to be out there. So we left the park and both went home. Although it was a short little visit, it was nice to get out with my good friend. Oh and Taryn... Hurry and move over here so that we can have many more play dates!

By the way, these kids already have an arranged marriage
But Seth better watch out.... Bella has a thing for Jack Bartlett

This is Seth when he went down the slide... lots of static!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The L.A Zoo

This was Bella's first time ever going to the Zoo, so it was very exciting... for me. She could care less. I think she is still to young to really care about the animals. She did point to a few of them, but for the most part she was indifferent. I wish I would have known that before I pushed her stroller up and down those hills all day. After the zoo we went across the street to the park and I tried to see if I could get her to ride on a pony (much to my over-protective husbands disapproval), but she is a major chicken and wanted nothing to do with it. Oh well at least I tried.... Maybe next year will be better!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just Another Day

Today has been quite an interesting day with Bella. This morning I was woken up by her in a very different way. Usually she will wake up, play in her crib for a while, and then fuss a little until I decide to roll out of bed and get her. Well this morning when she woke up she immediately wanted out of the crib and let me know by two very distinct (and demanding) "MAMA!" "MMMMAMA!" That was very out of the norm for her so I got up and got her out. As I was changing her diaper she wanted to get up... so she told me..."ut..ut" (which in her language is "up"). Then I took her downstairs and my mother-in-law was in the kitchen. The minute I walked in the room Bella shouted "NANA!"
Now Bella has known these words, so it wasn't surprising that she said them, but what was so shocking to me was how she was using them. She will say things for no particular reason and in no particular order, but today she woke up and POOF; she knew the way they should be used, and she had to show Mama. I thought that was first that is. She would no stop talking!!! Granted most of it made no sense at all, but the rest of the day she wanted to show me all her words (and in a very loud voice). The one day I have a major headache right?
If that wasn't enough....
Tonight while I was feeding Bella dinner, she decided to take the spoon and feed herself. Usually I will not let her because of the obvious reasons. I don't mind cleaning, but she's only one years old... its not messy when she feeds herself.... its a tornado of flying food, and anyone (or anything) in her path better beware. As I have not been feeling well, I had a temporary lapse of judgment, and I let my one year old spoon feed herself green mushy veggies. Yes I admit it, but she actually did very well! She ate all of those mushy veggies, and started acting very silly. The two pictures were taken one after the other in the sequence shown... one smile... the next... who knows!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is there anything Better?

This post will not be a long one, but is there anything better in life than a cute chubby baby running around naked after bath time? I think not.....

Monday, April 7, 2008


Today I decided to prepare some cookie dough for Ashley's shower. As I measured everything (twice), and sifted, and blended, and grated, and mixed, my beautiful baby sat in her high chair very quietly. She was so good and watched me as I prepared the long recipe (all 7 dozen of it!). Before the last step (chocolate chips, walnuts etc), I let her try to mix it up with the spatula. At first she was a bit apprehensive, then she took some cookie dough form the rim of the bowl, and it was all over from there. She wanted to eat the whole bowl (and probably would have if i let her), but since it contains raw egg, i thought it best to keep it at just a taste. Oh my lovely girl!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Armando has been completly re-landscaping his parents front yard (as a thank you for letting us stay with them... and free babysitting). This project has turned into a massive one, and Armando has been trying to do it alone. Well our wonderful friend Ryan Morgan came by one day and saw the disaster of a front yard and offered to help. So last Thursday and Friday Ryan was over working his tail off with my husband in the yard. I know this is a little overdue, but Thanks again Ryan for all the help! We totally owe you a fabulous dinner (including a delectable dessert).

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thanks to My Fabulous Gal Pals!

I just got home from a wonderful Girls night with my Fabulous Friends: Rachel, Amanda, Tammy, Katie, Liz, and Heather. Its super late now, but i couldn't possibly go to sleep without first saying thanks to all for such a fantastic night. I haven't laughed like that in a long time. Amanda I love you and it was great seeing you! Thanks again to all you crazy gals!
*fantastic pictures to follow!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So i totally saw this on Amy's site and i had to steal it... This is too much. for the full article click: article
April fools joke or not.... its weird.