Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Raviolis are one of Bellas favorite foods most of the time, but for some reason when i was trying to get her to eat dinner the other night it was a headache. Finally I just gave up and let her sit there with her food on the highchair tray. She suddenly decided that she in fact did want to eat and started feeding herself. I did not have the energy to fight her on the matter so I let her go at it... and boy did she. It really is much simpler this way... she gets a bath after dinner anyway so why not?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Watch out Mario Batali!

So i first have to say this.... I'm really not a fan of Crocs! I know... many people love them because they are convenient for adults and children, but I must confess; I thinks they are UGLY. Bella received a pair before she was even born but they were toddler size, so she is just now starting to fit in them, but I cant bring myself to put them on her for longer than a few minutes (and definitely not in public). Then one day I was cooking something yummy (homemade shortcake), and Bella was again my little helper. All of the sudden it hit me..... there is a use for ugly pink Crocs! So I ran upstairs and got those ugly shoes and put them on her. Those are now her cooking shoes! So watch out Mario, Bella is coming for your job! ( I must note she is much cuter than Mario Batali, and she has an excuse for being very plump.)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bella and Gabe

My sweet little princess is so loving towards her cousin Gabe.... Cant you tell by the look on his face?
Actually, she is a bully and poor Gabe is so sweet that he just runs away from her. I really do feel bad about this because I don't want Bella to be a bully. She really can be the sweetest little girl, but when she feels like she can dominate.... She will!
So here it is... a formal apology to sweet Gabe...

Dear Gabe,
Even though I am a bully some times, I do love playing with you! I don't mean to make you cry (most of the time), and i really wish you wouldn't flinch every time I pass near you (although you probably have good reason to). I am very sorry for making you afraid of me (but its a good thing you are... caution is best). I promise I will try harder to not make you sad or scared (mostly because mommy is making me). But the most important thing is that you remember that I love you, because you are my cousin and friend (and subordinate).*

*I really do love Gabe!!!!

The Box

On Bellas birthday she got so many toys, and one of them was this farm set from my sister Kim. Since Bella received tons of toys, I decided to put some away so that a few months later they could be "new". I finally pulled out the farm set two weeks ago, and the only thing Bella wanted was the box! What is it with children and cardboard boxes? Every morning she would rush over to sit on it and scoot around the living room. What a silly girl!