Monday, June 16, 2008

Bella and Gabe

My sweet little princess is so loving towards her cousin Gabe.... Cant you tell by the look on his face?
Actually, she is a bully and poor Gabe is so sweet that he just runs away from her. I really do feel bad about this because I don't want Bella to be a bully. She really can be the sweetest little girl, but when she feels like she can dominate.... She will!
So here it is... a formal apology to sweet Gabe...

Dear Gabe,
Even though I am a bully some times, I do love playing with you! I don't mean to make you cry (most of the time), and i really wish you wouldn't flinch every time I pass near you (although you probably have good reason to). I am very sorry for making you afraid of me (but its a good thing you are... caution is best). I promise I will try harder to not make you sad or scared (mostly because mommy is making me). But the most important thing is that you remember that I love you, because you are my cousin and friend (and subordinate).*

*I really do love Gabe!!!!


Tammy said...

That is so cute, and bella has the most innocent face, like what? I am no bully !