Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Watch out Mario Batali!

So i first have to say this.... I'm really not a fan of Crocs! I know... many people love them because they are convenient for adults and children, but I must confess; I thinks they are UGLY. Bella received a pair before she was even born but they were toddler size, so she is just now starting to fit in them, but I cant bring myself to put them on her for longer than a few minutes (and definitely not in public). Then one day I was cooking something yummy (homemade shortcake), and Bella was again my little helper. All of the sudden it hit me..... there is a use for ugly pink Crocs! So I ran upstairs and got those ugly shoes and put them on her. Those are now her cooking shoes! So watch out Mario, Bella is coming for your job! ( I must note she is much cuter than Mario Batali, and she has an excuse for being very plump.)


Kreesa said...

I have to agree with you on the Crocs. UUUUGLY! Blake was given a pair as a gift, and I used them because they were quick and easy. Then he threw one in Disneyland and I never found it. I guess he hated them, too!