Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Gymnast

Bella has been in gymnastics for the past month thanks to my sister Jen. Bella LOVES it! Any time anyone asks her what she does in gymnastics she will hop like a bunny (when she does trampoline- Her Favorite), and she will kick out her legs (like she does on the balance beam), and sometimes she will even try to do a front tumble! One of her favorite things to do is the "obstacle course" that is filled with fun things like the trampoline, the tumble mat, the balance beam and the slide. My favorite thing is the uneven bars.... have you ever seen a two year old swing from a bar while her body is in the shape of a V (with help from the coach)? Me either until last week... Too cute for words.


Tammy said...

I only wish the video was longer ! super cute!