Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Gymnast

Bella has been in gymnastics for the past month thanks to my sister Jen. Bella LOVES it! Any time anyone asks her what she does in gymnastics she will hop like a bunny (when she does trampoline- Her Favorite), and she will kick out her legs (like she does on the balance beam), and sometimes she will even try to do a front tumble! One of her favorite things to do is the "obstacle course" that is filled with fun things like the trampoline, the tumble mat, the balance beam and the slide. My favorite thing is the uneven bars.... have you ever seen a two year old swing from a bar while her body is in the shape of a V (with help from the coach)? Me either until last week... Too cute for words.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Little Artist

She caught on fairly quickly to holding a pencil correctly. Everytime she colors she comes to me and says, "Mama! I want write Papa!" So I hold her hand and help her spell out Papi (or papa as she says). That is her favorite word. I think she got it because when she colors I ask her who she is making her picture for and 90% of the time its PAPA.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Play Dates!

Here are some pics of Bellas recent play dates with her cousins!
Bella and Sean playing playdoh

Bella, Liliana, and Alyssa playing dolls and kitchen...
Sean, Bella, and Gabe... Three Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Nana Silvestre's Gift

Bella got her play kitchen from my parents, and Armando's parents got Bella a beautiful white wood table and chair set from toys r us. It is great for coloring and playdoh(thanks Taryn) and all of her pretend meals that she makes with her kitchen. The first night we had it set up Bella called her Nana to her room so that she could show her the new table. So as Armando's mother and I were talking Bella was hard at work making a fabulous meal. Then She set two place settings (all by herself), and pulled out one of the chairs and said," Nana Sit! Nana eat!" So they sat down and had a little meal together at her new table! So Adorable... ( I didn't get any pictures of that night because Nana was in her Pj's and I don't think she'd want pictures of that online, but here's the table)

Bellas Birthday Part 2

After our fun morning of running around, we finally got down to business and stated the party! Bella had a blast with all her cousins and little friends! Here are just a few more pictures! (oh and my beautiful birthday girl got a deep scratch right on her cheek just a couple days before her party- nice huh?)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bella's Birthday Part 1

A couple weeks ago we celebrated Bella's second birthday! The day was crazy since her party fell on her actual birthdate. In the morning my parents came by to give bella her gift (it was too big to transport back and forth from her party). My sister also came by to give bella a huge boquet of balloons! After my parents left Armando had to take the car into Pepboys to get new tires (all 4), and we still had to run a bunch of errands for the party. Luckily Armandos mother let us borrow her car for the day. So after running around all morning bella took a much needed nap. Straight from her nap we were off to Natailes house to set up for the party (Thanks Natalie for letting us use your place!)

My Parents with Bella

Bella opening her gift from Nana and Grandpa
Bella's new favorite toy

Some Pictures

When Bella Had Croup

After Croup.... I Just love sleeping babies!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Grandpa's Brithday!

For My grandfathers birthday this year, my mother, my sisters, my grandmother, myself and the babies went to take a family portrait. My Grandfather is the kind of person who never wants anyone to spend money on him, and even when we want to its impossible (you know- what do you get the guy who has everything?) So this year when we were trying to decide what to get him we realized that the most important thing to him and my grandmother is their family. So we got everyone together and went to picture people. (To any of you who have never been... They are amazing!) My Grandfather was so happy when he saw the pictures!

Bella and my sister Kim ( who is encouraging Bella to be naughty)

My Grandparents!
Grandpa checking out the pictures
Bella and Gabe sneaking bites