Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Raviolis are one of Bellas favorite foods most of the time, but for some reason when i was trying to get her to eat dinner the other night it was a headache. Finally I just gave up and let her sit there with her food on the highchair tray. She suddenly decided that she in fact did want to eat and started feeding herself. I did not have the energy to fight her on the matter so I let her go at it... and boy did she. It really is much simpler this way... she gets a bath after dinner anyway so why not?


Tammy said...

bella is thinking finally mommy will let me be in charge i wonder how far i can get this to go.

Heather said...

She is so cute! Also, on an unrelated note, I saw your Hubby driving in the car next to him (I'm a total jerk and was doing my best to not let him pass me...'till I realized who it was!) And I want to ask for a favor--can you send me a picture of the sticker on the back of his car? My friend would LOVE that! Thanks! And also, when are we gonna play?