Friday, September 19, 2008

Election Day Party!

On November 4 Armando and I will be hosting an Election Day Party. We are going to watch the results of the Presidental election come in, and celebrate the election of a new president! This is not a Party specific party meaning that people of all political parties are invited, and even people with no political party (Rachel). Now I know what most of you are thinking... are you crazy? And the answer is yes.. just a little. In all honesty we just want people to come together regardless of their political affiliation. So in saying that, everyone is invited to join and have some great "All American Food", RESPECTFUL conversations, and celebrate the election of a new President! If you would like to come just send me a comment or e-mail and I'll send all the specifics.
*We will also be surprising Armando by celebrating his 29th Birthday that evening. (Don't worry... He never looks at the blog!)


Tammy said...

Sarah you can count Ryan and I in!

Heather said...

Hi Sarah! That is such a good idea!P.S. I miss you. :-)