Monday, September 29, 2008


For those of you who know us well, you probably know how much Bella loves food. Most of the good pictures I get of her are when she is eating or helping me cook. The reason I usually get such great pictures is that she is happiest when she is eating! She eats a variety of foods, and it doesn't matter what the food is. If she has a plate of peas or an ice cream cone, she is HAPPY. Maybe that means I am a fantastic cook (or not) and she cannot resist my food.... or maybe she will grow up to be a famous chef... or food critic. I would almost be so bold as to say that food is her favorite thing although if you put a plate of food in front of her and a cute pair of shoes she may ignore the food for a bit while she tries on the kicks. Maybe she'll be a famous chef with her own shoe line!


The Cahoons! said...

Those are really cute pictures of Bella! She just looks like the sweetest little girl! I do have to say that you are a great cook Sarah! Maybe Bella will just take after her mommy!

Tammy said...

Bella is too cute for words