Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

So it's finally 2008! Armando and I spent the evening with some friends playing board games (very exciting I know); but thats about all the excitement you get when you have kids! With this new year I am really excited to make and keep some resolutions. Some of them include reading the Book of Mormon all the way through, going to the gym more frequently, and learning to play the piano. I also am very happy because in two short months my little baby turns 1 year old. So, now that the holidays are over I am going to have to try to plan a little party. I am thinking of having it at McCarthy park, but I don't know how the weather will be so I will keep everyone posted.


Amy said...

Hey, I just discovered your blog through the Cahoons blog. Yeah! I'm so glad you are into the blogging world. Have a great day guys!