Monday, January 28, 2008

A Day at Great Grandmas House!

So Armando and I went to visit my Grandma and Grandpa in Whittier for my Grandpa's Birthday and we had a blast! My sisters were there and they had their children so we just all hung out and had a great time. Bella is so loving and sweet; all she wants to do is give hugs and kisses to all the babies around her. She is already so nurturing and I love to see that. Grandpa was happy to see all the little babies. Gabe is a big goof... he is the silliest little boy, and he loves to sing and clap. I cant wait for Bella to walk so that they can really play together and have fun. Hopefully she is walking by her birthday which is in 3 weeks! She is so close, but she is afraid of falling so she'll stand up, and then just decide to sit down and crawl. She is a very silly girl.


The Cahoons! said...

You better watch that girl if she is already doing opened mouth kissing! hehe Bella is very lucky to have all her cousins close by!