Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lemon Festival

This post is a little late, but I just had to share these pictures from the Lemon Festival. Armando and I took Bella just to get out for a little while. We got everything together and loaded Bella in the car and went to downtown. Once we were there (and found parking) I asked Armando if he had the cell phone. He reminded me that I had it while I was putting Bella in the car. Then I suddenly remembered.... I put the phone on the top of the car while I put Bella in! So then we got back in the car and drove home in hopes that it fell off the car on our street, but no luck. So I suggested we just drive back down there and look out for it on the road. Sure enough it was shattered all over Euclid. So Armando wasn't feeling all that festive after that, but agreed that there was nothing we could do at that point so we decided to go back to the Lemon Festival. I am so glad that we did! We walked around for a bit, then Bella got her face painted for the first time (which she cried all the way through.... I think the clown scared her), and then we got the best ice cream ever at Dr. Bobs! It was a really nice day (other than the whole phone thing)!


Rachel said...

Dr. Bob's is really fabulous ice cream. And it helps that the first time I saw the sign I thought it said Dr. Boob's and I couldn't stop laughing.

Amanda said...

Dang it! Rachel beat me to it. I was going to talk about Dr. Boob. Oh, well.
I'm really kind of sad that I never went to the Lemon Festival. I think people were keeping it a secret from me, until they knew it was too late.
We do have a Strawberry Festival coming up here in 'the still sort of frozen north.' I'll have to check it out.

Heather said...

I am such a big fan of the Lemon Festival. I don't really know what it is that attracts me to it, but I look forward to it every year--Maybe it's because that's what kicks off the Thrusday night street fairs every summer (well, every summer except this year. for whatever reason they started thursday nights at the beginning of the month, and the festival was at the end). I was so sad that I had to be in UT for a wedding that weekend...but at least I can go thursday nights now!
Thanks for sharing the cute pictures, and giving me a piece of my Festival.