Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bella Turned One

My sweet little baby just turned one today. I have mixed feelings; part of me is happy to see her grow and get older, but I also feel sad that she is no longer an infant. I miss her cuddling and wanting to sit with me. Now all Bella wants to do is crawl (and occasionally walk) around and play with her many toys. Today was tough... I took her to get her 1year check up which included shots- 5 to be exact, and blood work. Lets just say my mother was very angry at me! I figured that I would just get it over with. Bella wasn't to happy with me though. She got over it really quick and was great the rest of the day. We also had Bella's Auntie Kim, Uncle Jesse, and cousin Gabe over for pizza and ice cream. It was very fun and Bella got to play with her pal!


The Cahoons! said...

She is so beautiful Sarah! She looks so cute outside and barefoot. Happy Birthday Bella!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Bella! She looks so adorable in that white dress. Love it!